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Talkback: Team orders should be a non-starter

Absolutely agree. We were watching this on the TV and saw Learmonth spot the timing board and make a neck slicing action and then she slowed to a crawl. I said, shes going back for Non, what a bad move! The commentators didnt see this. They are always poor.

She shouldve been given the opportunity to race in her home town!


  • matward77matward77 Posts: 9
    Surely the best example of this working is Stuart Hayes at London 2012. Gordon Benson at Rio 2016....not so much. Obviously, Richard Varga is GBR's unofficial domestique.

    This sounds like a total mess up though. If an athlete doesn't deliver in the swim then the team mates should be allowed to race for themselves.
  • Thank you for writing what i too thought. Team orders that spoil the racing and end up making it a farce. In some other sports it would be seen as match fixing. Pulling up a horse in a race like that gets a ban for the jockey!

    Last year it totally played into Gwen's hands too. And i steady of 2 brit women on the podium (potentially even winning) we got just a 3rd place. Well bully.

    Thank goodness the Brownlees don't race like that. Otherwise it would be as tedious to watch as F1.
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