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Some Advice Needed

Hi I need some help !! Started tri 6 yrs ago. Trained well in open water on my own.. never any dramas. Felt confident going into my first race.. so arrived early.. setup in transition .. having a good day .. my wave is called.. get kitted up and head to the water. Counted in and then it started. ... panic.. shortness of breath.. no composure.. mind running 100 mph... starter sounded and boom!!! Everyone is off.. except me.. i cant even get my head underwater.. gasping for air.. hyperventilating. Long story short... terrible... i managed to eventually get going but by this point im exhausted. . By panic. I feel deflated ..disappointed &angry. . However, i promise myself it wont happen again... head back to the water on my own next day and absolutely no problems. Next race.... this time its got me before i hit the water.. fear and panic. Sadly.. every single race has been the same.. it got so bad that i stopped for a year. Thankfully my mates coaxed me back. Heres the thing !! Iv tried breathing exercises ,meditation, hypnosis, etc etc etc.. iv tried everything. . To no avail. I dont want to stop being a triathlete.. but im running out of options and confidence. If anyone has any real advice ,id appreciate it. Please dont suggest tree hugging.. i.havent the time !!!????????. Many tks


  • AngiemacAngiemac Posts: 40

    So the panic stuff is the adrenaline kicking in - the fight or flight response your body is programmed to generate in an "emergency" situation - all you need to do is teach your body that triathlon isn't that kind of situation OR learn to use the adrenaline hit. I get a similar reaction but on a smaller scale.

    So that's the easy bit - the why - now to work on the how. You say you arrive early, set-up relaxed and it hits as the hooter goes off - have you tried getting there late? If you turn up late your adrenaline will already be pumping so your body will be used to the effect before you get in the water so the "hit" should be less noticeable when the hooter goes off. Alternatively find a way to wind yourself up before the hooter goes off.

    The adrenaline will help you compete if you learn to use it, but you need to get it started a few minutes before the hooter so that your body can adapt to it and the panic subsides and the fight mode kicks in. 


  • antoanto Posts: 5
    Hi Angie

    Thanks for the reply. I never thought about doing the opposite to my usual routine.. at this stage iv tried everything else, so now will trythis approach. Tks again for the reply.

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