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Hi Everyone, 

This is my first post. I have recently completed my first 10k and in fact my first official event. A year ago I weighed over 20 stone and I am now down to 16 stone so the 10k was to prove to myself I could, which I did. 

Hungry for more I have now decided I am going to finish a super sprint Tri this time next year for Charity. 

I am strong on a bike but a weak runner and very average swimmer. Does anyone have any advice for training and also what UK events would be a good start? 

I currently live in Hull / Yorkshire. 






  • With a super sprint tri you don't need to be strong in running or swimming. if you can do a 10k run you will be fine with a super sprint - there are lots of triathlons in most regions, so shouldn't be hard to find one locally

    With running, build up slowly so that you don't injure yourself; when I started, I found taking part in Parkrun every Saturday to be the thing that got me motivated - There will be a Parkrun close to you, and it is an excellent fun event, but you will also challenge yourself to improve your PB.

    Join a Tri club - Where I live, we have all abilities, different levels of fitness, different ages and a healthy balance between men and women. Tri clubs are not elitist, and provide excellent coaching for swimming and running, coaches are volunteers but properly qualified.

    There is a fun/super sprint in York on 2 July, which looks ideal

  • Hi Mathew, 


    Thank you for the amazing reply! 

    Yeah I would have to admit the 10k was a stretch ha!I think there is a park run near me so I might take this up. I will have to research a tri-club as Hull isn't that big of a place, but maybe.

    York sounds perfect! I am about an hour away and getting the fiance there for some shopping will be an easy sell!

    Thank you again. I am still unsure where to start with training, I found a couple on here but nothign for an uber-beginner. 



  • If your ambition is to do one super sprint triathlon, and nothing else, then I don't think that any specific training is required, 4 * 30 minutes per week of exercise at 70% of you max Heart Rate is good enough to be fit and healthy

    I recommend that you buy a good sports watch, Garmin 920XT is being heavily discounted at the moment as it has been replaced by the Forerunner 935 - the new watch is amazing, however, the 920XT is a great triathlon watch. Garmin connect website will help you track your fitness and activities

    If you want to train so that you can do triathlons and build up to longer events. Trainer Road is a good place to start, you need to sign up, but they will provide a training program for you to follow and monitor your fitness/improvement.  

    When I started, I didn't follow a structured program, I watched swim smooth and speedo videos on you tube, and went swimming once or twice per week, typically swimming between 1000 - 2000m trying to put into practice what I was watching, however, coached sessions are much better. 

    For running, I did 5k parkrun and 1 other 5k run per week, I gradually built this up to a 10k run and a 5k run and 5k parkrun

    For cycling, I started following a 10 mile route from my home, this initially took 40 minutes and I did it once or twice per week if the weather was good, in the winter I did 2 30 minute rides on the turbo trainer. There is almost certainly a cycling club locally, well worth joining as social cycling in a group is much nicer

    I started 2 years ago, when I weighed 16 stone, I am now 11 stone and training for an Ironman (which involves many more hours)


  • HI Matthew, 

    This is amazing thank you! 

    I will start to try and building something similar and see how it goes. 

    Massive congrats on your progress as well! Thats incredible. 



  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    +1 - for a supersprint if you can get at 3-6 30-45 minute sessions per week you will absolutely breeze through it.  They key thing is to try to be injury free and consistent which means don't ramp up the volume too quickly and avoid doing too much high intensity work.

  • Hi Shay, Im in a similar situation to you. Maybe opposite directions. I live in Wetherby but work in Hull. I might be luckier as good running/tri club in Wetherby. Im not a member yet as it clashes with my swim class.

    i run 10ks and cycle 20-30k. Limited to MTB till next year. Entered a few duathlon sand Go tris. Looking at open water for next year. Long term plan 3 yrs. just keep doing it and progressing.

    i have some info over this way but it might be too far for you. If you have any info for Hull  side let me know.



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