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Any ideas anybody got any preferences.....



  • I use to have the Garmin 920 XT. Really good for swimming, cycling and running, plus the odd sports (skiing).

    The downsides were its the look (a bit bulky), and while I've never competed in half / full ironman with it, I'm not sure it would have been able to record it all.

    I now have the Suunto Spartan Ultra. And completed my first 70.3 race with it. After 5h35mn the battery was still at 57%. It looks great, I'm wearing the watch all the time. 

    It comes at a high price, but so far it's worth every penny.

    I think all watches those days offers auto sync to Strava, so it's not a differentiator. but Suunto creates a movie of your activity, whereas Garmin doesn't (but if you pair Strava with Relive you will get something similar)

    Both watches give time

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