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Winter training bikes & thieves

We were burgled last week. two winter trainers and my wifes Specialised Tarmac Elite Dura ace 2007 model. She's raced on it all over the world.

The Insurance  (AXA) paid up via Wheelies.co.uk. to full new for old.

Putting aside the details, Julie suggested I go for a heavier trainer. I had a Trek 1.5. She has used a 10+kg Tommasini since 1996!!!. He is called Thomas and has a 50/34 to a 12/28. It's like doing weights all winter and when you get on your race bike (who was called Jensen (Button) ). You are even stronger. These days we are obsessed with weight and in a racer quite rightly. However , I have taken the plunge and ordered a Genesis @ just under 10kg net. In spring I shall expect to be smashing out some PB's or there will be trouble!

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