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FASTEST 70.3 UK courses

Ive been doing Sprint triathlons for a few years and think ive got what i wanted from it all. Done the GB age group thing both at European and at Worlds and managed to podium. 

So my next chapter is to go for a 70.3 distance, id like to do 2 next year, one in May as a tester and for experience and then maybe do one in August/September to really go for it. 

I would like to know which courses are seen as being fast courses. Im not too concerned about lovely mountain sides and lake side runs. I want to compete not just complete.


Thanks in advance


  • I liked Weymouth. Bike wasn't too bad hill-wise (I don't do much cycling) and the run is along the seafront so completely flat.

    The support was awesome and it seemed to be organised fairly well
  • Fastest i've done i've done is the Cotswold113. The lake is calm and warm water, there is one hill of note on the bike (total elevation is less than 1000ft) and the run elevation is less than 20ft IIRC.

    Sadly it's in June not May... but could still fit. As above, it would fit with maybe doing Weymouth in September - that's got a sea swim (which was vicious this year), a hilly bike and another pancake flat run.


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