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Tri to recover from alcohol and drug abuse?

I was just wondering if anybody else here feels triathlon has helped them to recover from alcohol or drug misuse. I am curious based upon my own experience in this regard and as I am doing a study on the topic. Thanks in advance!


  • I have very recently started training for my first tri and as part of that I am giving up alcohol. My negative relationship with alcohol was more mental than physical but the added motivation of having to do a 5k run hungover is making the transition a lot easier. People who have issues with substances need to substitute (me included) as they often have addictive personalities to start. 

    Past the physiological benefits of training, the mental high I get from it is really pushing me through.

    My bigger barrier is food ... I am using Tri as a way to overcome this addiction more than anything. 

  • Funnily enough, after about six years of Tri (and 20 years of heavy boozing etc) I have recently knocked booze on the head.

    I've just passed 100 days of being alcohol free and have never felt better. I'm currently training for the Box Hill Ballbuster which has been on my event list since I began Tri but I've never felt that I was capable of it.

    I've no doubt that I would have got this far into abstinence if I wasn't into Tri.

    A bit of shameless self promotion but here's a blog I've written on it...

    Give me a shout if I can give any further input Juhan




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