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A feeling of sadness

It is with great sadness that I am now contemplating the cancellation of my 220 subscription, which I have held for quite a few years now. The truth is that where once I would tear off the plastic cover to get at the eagerly awaited content for that issue, I now get a sinking feeling each time the delivery comes.

The reason for this is a broken promise. I was awarded the letter of the month in the April 2017 issue, and the prize was a Swimovate Poolmate watch. I was so excited as I planned to use it to aid my training for the Outlaw later in the year. I emailed my address to Helen Webster, but had no response so I followed up with a reminder a month later. Still no response. I continued my training without the watch. I succeeded in the Outlaw. I still haven't heard from 220. It does make me wonder who else has had the promise of a prize from 220 only to be disappointed.


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