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Altitude Tent and Generator

Sleeping high (i.e. in an altitude tent) and training low can not only improve performance at sea level but It can also be used effectively to prepare for events at altitude. I've used this tent over the last couple of years with success for both sea level races and races at altitude.   

If you live in the UK and don't readily have access to high mountains then an altitude tent allows you to:
- sleep at altitude in your own bed at home
- gradually acclimatise to increasing altitudes over a period of weeks/months
- train as normal at sea level (in contrast, training high requires moderating training intensity because of the affects of altitude) 
- sleep low during recovery phases 

You can find more information about altitude tents here: http://www.cyclingweekly.com/reviews/pe … -generator

If you are interested in buying this second-hand generator and tent (fits a double and king size bed) then send me an email ([email protected]) for more information and photos. As far as pricing goes, it's £1000 for the complete package (generator, tent and SP02 monitor).

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