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What laces are the best for Tri?


What laces or lacing system would you recommend for running an Iron Man (Roth)?

Has anyone tried  Unchain laces ?




  • KevtoKevto Posts: 1


    I met them and they gave me the chance to try the lacing system. I have already tried different kind of technical laces but they were not reliable. 

    Unchain is awesome! I mean I feel comfortable with a good foothold. I could set the lacing up to my foot shape. And it's a knot-free lacing so no more wasting time ahah

    They are currently doing a Kickstarter campaign with 50% off, I give you the link : 


  • Hello guys,

    I had the chance to meet Unchain team before going to "La Diagonale des Fous". They told me to try it out for this Ultra-trail. Well, I was quite skeptical at first but then, I became addicted !!! I could run all the race without suffering from foot constriction even if the size of my feet expanded during this long effort. I feel really confortable and actually it is very convenient to customize the settings. I can adjust it to the intensity of my activity, it is quite incredible ! 

    Anyway, I really recommend Unchain lacing system as it is great item for every sport. Not only you will save time on your transition between bike and run, but you will also feel great while dashing on your run !! 

    Find out more information about their product on the following link. They are doing a 50% promotion on Kickstarter. Enjoy !


  • Are they going to sell this laces anytime soon in U.K. ?

    Also, would you recommend them for swimruns?



  • I gave it a try when they launched their website : https://www.unchain-spirit.com/

    The micrometric adjustability of this unchain Lacing system is as good as advertised. Better than anything I've ever tried before. Very comfy and precise altogether. Feels like my shoes are like slippers made to measure  No more knots!  Superb coulours! The only downdside is their french speaking only website.
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Not sure how good the products are but when all the posts are from first/only timers with nothing but glowing testimonials and a year later the post gets resurrected it makes me think of clumsy viral marketing. Not saying it is anything but as it appears at first sight though
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