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Evening folks,

I'm sure this has been covered elsewhere so apologies in advance. I'm very new to triathlon and come from an ultrarunning background.  I'm currently in the process of putting together an ironman training schedule (1/2 IM in June and full/double in Sept) however I need to incorporate my ultra training in the schedule too. Is there an effective way of combining both types of training? Any advice would be hugely appreciated!




  • I would say there is a way, depends on when the ultra running race takea place. Either way your fitness gains from the running and the triathlon training will compliment each other. I think key will be not overtraining or picking up injury most likely from too much running. For example you dont need to run a marathon in training for ironman due to risk of injury and recovery. The period between the half and full distance is most important and I would think no long run events is advisable. 


  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for responding.

    Luckily my main ultra is in April and my IM training starts in March with the half IM marking the halfway point in my training.

    I have another 50 miler in July but I should have sufficient mileage in my legs for that.

    I was thinking about making the IM in a double.

    Any advice double I'M distance training?


  • Hi Rik

    Sounds like you have a plan already and key really will be to rest wheb body asks for it and dont forget to include strength training. I dont have experience in a double IM, best guess is pacing and nutrition. Good luck and keep the enjoyment.



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