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Marathon -> Half Ironman in 2 months - training help!

Dear all, 

I am signed up to my second marathon on the 8th of April and my first ever half ironman on the 17th of June. To answer questions of fitness/experience, this marathon I'm aiming for around 3h30 mark. This will be my first triathlon of any kind, but I am a pretty competent swimmer. Currently on a training programme (bupa advanced marathon programme) of 5/6 runs per week for the marathon but this doesn't involve any swimming. I cycle every day about 5 miles to go in/out of work, so cycling is the least of my worries (I have completed cycling holidays of around 70 miles a day max so have experienced of longer cycling). 

Any tips for the transition to the half iron man training, whether I should implement some swimming earlier into my marathon programme for the steadier runs.. any tips for a programme, any particular sessions, a good way to transition, etc. 

Thanks everyone!!



  •  I dont run very well but I would say cycle more as that lends itself to running. Split your weekly training in proportion to your estimated times for the 70.3. If you already have a good run I think the key will be to see how you feel running of the bike.

  • JRackJRack Posts: 4

    Chrisdusi pretty much nailed it on the head.

    The key will be logging time in the saddle. Cycling is where the majority of your race time is going to take place so you need to get comfortable on the bike.

    Do a lot of brick workouts, which is just cycling for a block of time hoping off the bike and transitioning straight into a run. This way your legs get used to transitioning from one muscle activity to another.

    There are other weird nuances like getting used to eating while you are riding at first but worry about those once you get used to logging time and getting your muscles used to the transition.

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