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Bike for sprint Tri (novice lady!)

Hi everyone - first post, thanks in advance! Last year I did my one and only so far sprint tri using my 29 er mountain bike with slicks. I enjoyed every minute but vowed my next one would be on a road bike and here we are! Like I???ve mentioned, I already have a good mountain bike but have been tempted by an adventure road bike so I can take some of the many bridle paths we have round here during training or option 2 go for an entry level road bike so I have two very different bikes and the lightest most efficient . Riding on the roads is a necessary evil for me and not something I really enjoy so spending a lot of money on this bike wouldn???t be worth while. Would welcome any thoughts anyone has. I am being v indecisive! Many thanks x


  • AngiemacAngiemac Posts: 40

    A second hand one would be my suggestion. That's how I started. Like you I did a Try a tri on a mountain bike and loved it,so bought a second hand Specialized Dolce to try road cycling. I now have an Axial Cube WLS after a bike fit


  • LoobyLooby Posts: 2
    Thanks Angiemac for that. I have been looking at second hand on eBay but you know, they seem to hold their value. I nipoed into Decathlon earlier and had a look at their women specific Triban 520 which comes in at ??499 .... quite impressive spec though. I have never used cleats before either (terrified face!!)
  • AngiemacAngiemac Posts: 40

    I've heard a lot of people compliment the decathlon bikes for people new to road riding. Don't be afraid of cleats - make sure you have them set at their most loose and practice clipping in and out with both feet (separately) before you get on your bike - then to only thing you need to remember is to repeat "cleats" to yourself everytime you slow down. Be prepared to fall over at least once, just try to dow it to the kerb side.

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