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What bike?


Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times, but... I need some advice on bikes.

I am from a MTB background and have competed nationally etc so have basic understanding of bikes, but never really been into road bikes. Competed in my first triathlon at Castle Howard last weekend for a charity and have now got the bug and signed up for a few more. However, i borrowed my mates bike last week and dont fancy doing a tri on my full suss mtb.

I don't want to spend too much as already spent fortune on mtb (£1000 max) and happy to get new or second hand. Just wondered what would be my best bet - it will mainly be tri but i also plan on doing some road riding, sportives etc for training. So far have looked at Bianchi via nirone, Fuji 1.0 team, Spesh allez and cannondale caad8. Would welcome your views on what i should get.




  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Hi Martyn

    Welcome to the whacky world of tri.

    The Fuji Team 1.0 is well specced

    Carbon fork - good for absorbing road buzz, has standard seatpost so you could whizz in a carbon post to protect the derrierre for sportives
    Shim 105 10sp STI and mechs so spot on
    Shim 11-28 cassette so will keep you rolling on flats and hills
    FSA Gossamer 50/34 compact - I love these, bomb proof, personally at some time I would swap the 34 for a 36 or 39, in your case the 39 as it would probably suit you better, this chainset is so flexible you could even drop in a 52
    Tektro brakes are OK but blocks have stopping power of wet cardboard so you may want to change those.

    Cannondale caad8 as above

    Spezialized Allez, various flavours but look out for a 10sp

    There is also the Trek 2.1 of similar spec or even the Planet X Pro Carbon Rival at £999

    Either of the above IMHO would serve you well for some years to come. If you can buy under the Cycle to Work scheme and save a bundle.

    Pedals most use Shim SPD SLs or Look

    Happy hunting

    Bianchi via nirone - 7? Campag mechs so can't offer any opinion sorry
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