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Similar model to Felt AR5

Hi there

I'm looking into buying a new bike for both triathlon and road events. The reason I'm looking for one bike for both is that I don't do a tons of races per year so I don't want to invest in a specific tri bike yet. Instead, I prefer a good road bike on which I can use clip-on areobars. It's a kind of compromise.

That being said, I came accross the Felt AR5 which seems to match my needs since the reversible seatpost is perfect for both road and triathlon. The thing is I don't want to buy a new one to cut the price down to something around 1500$. And I'm having a hard time finding an old one in my area.

So, my question is : what are the other alternatives for my needs ? I really want a bike made for this dual use. Also I read about reversible seatpost by redshift but would it be as much effective as on the Felt AR ? What if I consider buying a Specialized Tarmac or Venge for instance ? (2 models I love).

thanks for your input!

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