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I’m currently training for my training plan (if that makes sense????) however I’m struggling with my diet. I’ve been running tonight and felt lethargic. My diet is ok but I need some help!! Any ideas?? Im struggling with breakfast and dinner (i work in an office). Thinking of Huel for breakfast…

Thanks in advance 



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Difficult one this as its balancing work, training and diet.

    How much training are you doing and what recovery is your recovery strategy?

    Lots of us work/have worked in offices and trained and eaten well, are there peculiar circumstances that apply in your case?

    What is your current diet? Ones persons OK is another's cardiac cocktail.

    The simple truth about nutrition is that a varied and reasonably well balanced diet is the best we can get whether we are occasional are mad keen athletes. Supplements and highly processed foods are generally an expensive and wasteful extravagance:They are not needed.

    For breakfast how about porridge with banana or what I saw recently with a couple of top cyclists (and I mean very good ones) lots of fruit (strawberries, apples etc) cut up and mixed with oat flakes/cornflakes and yogurt followed up with omelette.

    I'll let others post on other meal deals
  • RPower90RPower90 Posts: 1

    This works for me (as Harry says above, diet is very person-specific so it may not be for everyone!) - but I've taken to eating 6/7 days of the week as a vegetarian.

    It has forced me to include so much more veg than I normally would to fill myself up, as well as experimenting with some super tasty, amazing meals.

    Generally I'd say unless you have an issue with them, introduce lots more veg to  your diet, along with loads of water and maybe some supplements (vitamin d3 and a multivitamin are good if you feel you don't get enough from your diet). 

    It's also way cheaper to eat more veg as places like Lidl/Aldi have really fresh veg for not much at all. In addition make sure to eat lots of good carbs and if you can, dairy - I love greek yoghurt and fruit as a snack. 

    Cut out the processed stuff and where possible cook things from scratch! Lean in 15 is great for this as things don't take ages to cook.

    Good luck

  • 33shake33shake Posts: 3

    Hi Darren,

    I'd be interested to hear how you got on? Did you change your eating habits and find that happy place?! More importantly, how's the training going?


  • Karen 3Karen 3 Posts: 3

    Hi Darren

    whenever I get tired after training i make a smoothie and add cacao to it which helps with fatigue.  



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