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Compact or a Triple ??

Hi all, this is my first posting so be gentle with me.

I got back into Tri's last year after a 13 year absence and did the London Oly for charity. That neccesitated a bike purchase and I'm very pleased with my entry level Orbea. This year saw a couple more events and now my master plan is to celebrate by 40th birthday by completing the Wimbleball 70.3 in June 08. Hence a load more training (in the hills) and the NEED (it's not just a want) for a new bike.

I've been looking at loads of options to match my budget around the £1,000 mark but am not sure whether I should just go for a Triple given the Wimbleball course, or get a Compact double with a big cassette on the back ?? I'm not a bike techie, so can someone give some advice as to whether I would notice the difference in riding a Compact 34 chainring with a 28 tooth on the back versus a Triple 30 front and a 25 on the back ?? I'm not a strong climber (yet) and am planning a serious amount of hill riding to prep for Wimbleball (I've seen the threads re the course difficulty) but a bit of advice from the experts would help in my bike selection. Once I get the gearing sorted I can focus on the nice stuff that looks fast.

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