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I was looking for a little advice please on nutrition and what you eat when competing?  I am doing my first Olympic distance and I'm wondering if I would need to eat something whilst on the cycle leg, or if I feel that I am flagging a little, what would be good to compensate for it?



  • 33shake33shake Posts: 3

    Hi Chris, 

    It's a minefield researching what to eat during a triathlon, isn't it! And there's an awful lot of conflicting advice.

    I'd certainly advising eating during the bike. You'll have not eaten for at least 30 minutes, and chances are you'll need to take on some fuel for the 40km bike and 10k run if you want to keep your energy levels constant.

    Bars are ok, but over a relatively short race I'd recommend gels for sure. How many depends on how long you're out there really. Most important is to practice in training what you plan to race with - we see a huge number of athletes being slowed not due to lack of fitness but because of tummy trouble!

    Feel free to give me a shout if I can help further.

    All the best,


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