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Rogue wetsuit hire operator

In April I tried to rent my first wetsuit from mywetsuithire (an offshoot of mytriathlon). As I had an open water swim coming up, I paid extra for their "overnight" delivery. The day before my event, nothing had arrived so I called them and they admitted it was not coming. I had to quickly find another wetsuit to rent, at extra expense. I e-mailed these guys to cancel but they told me "too late, it's already shipped... and oh, if you cancel we'll bill you the full whack anyway". I sent the wetsuit back as soon as it arrived, but they refuse to give me any of my money back and are now ignoring me. Search the web for reviews and you'll see I am not the first to be ripped off by their unscrupulous actions. Let's hope, by sharing my story, I might protect someone else from the same expensive fate! If anyone knows these guys, please pass on the good news to them, thanks...

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