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1500m swim in 24:17

Im not a triathlete - at least yet... My son and I raced our first Xterra Offload Tri in Waco TX last week. I race mountain bikes and began running this past December. We did a relay - he swam and I biked and ran.

His name is Kesyon - he is 16. He is 6ft 2in and weighs 137 lbs. He came out of the water and hit transition at 24:17.

We began swimming in the pool in December. I always thought he was very efficient and fast looking in the water. He plays varsity basketball and there is not really a swim team or a swim club in Waco TX. Baylor University is in Waco TX and there isn't even a pool.... There's not a football team there anymore either......

This was his first open water swim. He loves it and we bought a bike for him last week. We signed up for a Sprint Tri on July 1st

He was third or so overall coming out of the water at Xterra - the link to the results are here: 


Phillips Relay - #95 overall. My oldest son did not race so it was just the two of us.

I feel like his swim time is pretty good - can anyone give me an idea about how fast he should be swimming. I think Xterra is a national race and there were probably some good swimmers there... 

I have never been on Tri websites or looked at swim times or even talked to a swim coach - how should we proceed?

Thanks for your advice or help. We are having a blast training together and Keyson really enjoys this sport! 


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Brent, welcome to triathlon. Good to hear your enthusiasm.

    Your feeling is right, your son's swim time is pretty good especially taking into account his age and swimming background. I would be surprised if there wasn't a lot more to come with consistent and progressive training. How much? You never can tell. Most triathletes peak physically in their late 20s and then become more cunning and so performance doesn't have to drop for a long time after. You should be looking for month on month year on year improvements.

    If you do find a swim coach make sure that they know the difference between pool sprints and longer open water endurance swims. Not that many do. Have a look on You Tube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eAiTyJhpl0

    Remember that triathlon is a sport is made up of three elements and not three consecutive sports. The swimming makes up 20%, cycling 50% and running 30%. Beast the swim and your bike will suffer etc.

    Having sorted out swimming I'd then have a look at running. Make sure Kesyon's running form and technique is right. Good form and technique will make him more efficient and reduce the chance of injury and layoffs. He's at the age where he is still able to learn the right skills. You should be able to find a run coach easier than a swim coach.

    Keep the cycling going. Plenty of time to develop there. Not much technique to cycling - mostly leg strength

    There are various training plans on this website to consider. For swimming get the SwimSmooth book and register with their website for the weekly blogs. To pull it all together get Joe Friel's Triathlon Training Bible which will enable you to analyse strengths/ weaknesses and do your own training plans.
  • Thank you Harry for your expert advice. I bought the Friel book - huge resource. We are excited to begin this process! You are a good man!

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