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Training on a cruiser bike?

I am sure all of use have been in this situation. You go ona holiday (a long one in my case) and there's no way to bring your bike with you. What to do?

To tell my story in short, i am comng to support my parents for a few months and i have no chance to bring my bike with me. Only bikes they have are cruisers (or Dutch bikes) which raised a question in my mind - would i be able to train? Does anyone have an experience with training on a cruiser? is that even possible? what are the downsides? 

we have an old spin bike, but i think that might be the only good option..


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Of course you can train on a cruiser. May take a few rides to adapt and don't expect too much in terms of speed.
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