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Prime rr-50 wheelset? Or stick with Giant slr1

Hi all, I ride a Giant TCR advanced Pro with OEM 30mm slr1 wheelset. I fancy some deeper wheels (doubt I'll go any faster, but I'll feel more like a 'proper' triathlete ????). Came across Primes rr-50 which seem amazingly cheap for aero carbon wheels so wondering why? Anyone got any thoughts or experience??


  • Jay  SkiJay Ski Posts: 15

    Just be aware of the reasons for wheels costing what they do when you purchase. 

    In life you do tend to get what you pay for. 

  • I have these exact wheels, and have had no bother with them at all. They look great (dark grey decals), are fairly light and I have been able to set them up tubeless with very little fuss (Hutchinson fusion tubeless). I think at the moment they are on special offer as they are being superseded by a newer model, but for the price I think they are great.

    Having said that, these are the first pair of carbon deep-section wheels I have owned, so very little to compare them to. Plus I've only every used them in good, dry weather and only for about 4 months so far.

    PS - British Cycling membership gets you an extra 10% off at Chain Reaction. I did this and got a further £50 off, so they cost me £450.

  • Thanks Martin that's great feedback
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