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Talkback: Sub-1hr bike session: Test fitness

There is actually a bike specific fitness test available on ebay. I bought it (£2.75) and they send you the MP3 file and it tells you how to perform the test. It uses gym bikes, but I have tweaked it so that it works on spin bikes (just increase cadence and increase level 1/4 a turn same on my turbo). It is a really tough workout, but after 2 years away from cycling helped me to keep up with the lads at the local track when the peloton split. It's good because you get a score and you can see the progress you make. In fact I can see how it would help with repeated attacks high rpm and climbs. A real bargain if you're looking to get bike fit quickly. I think it was called 'San Sebastian bike fitness bleep test' or something like that on UK ebay. Good luck
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