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Talkback: Alpe D’Huez video: all the race action from 2018

Two years ago I did the short distance, my then 21 year old daughter was supporting and got inspired to start triathlon (she was a keen cyclist/swimmer by then) and really wanted to do the long distance. We registered for the long distance course in 2018 with the aim of finishing together. It was tough! Scorching temperatures made it extremely challenging (I've climbed Alpe d'Huez many times, but never in these temperatures) I've done Challenge Roth last month, but I found this harder, but we made it! I am a very proud dad, coaching a 23 year - 2 year triathlon experienced girl - to finish this one in just under 11 hours in these conditions was one of the best experiences of my life - we crossed the finish hand in hand - cheered by Mum (and wife) - a memory we will never forget!
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