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Stitch when running

Hello 220Triathlon members,

I have been suffering the dreaded side stitch for at least two years now, I have tried various things suggested when I have been reading up on how to manage them, and for a while it worked. In the past 3 - 4 months, the stitch is becoming unbearable preventing me from completing my runs. 

The stitch presents on the right lower abdomen as a dull tugging pain. It will get worse if ignored and spread to the middle of the abdomen too, resulting in running being an unbearable task at the minute. Interestingly, when swimming and cycling, the stitch is not there. Which makes me think that is not my diet, or fitness causing it to present when running.

So far I have tried not drinking/eating for two hours in advance, running at different times of the day, altering my running posture, changing the pace, managing my breathing, but nothing has worked. I am looking for any advice or previous experiences people have had with the dreaded side stitch and how to manage it, which I can try out to hopefully reduce or eliminate its presence from my runs!

Thanks in advance!

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