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Do people rate Total Immersion for improving swim times? Or just saving energy on the longer races? I've tried the free online version but didn't know if it was worth buying the full version?

Total Immersion Online Free Course



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    The big question is how good a swimmer are you now? Can we assume you are targeting Ironman? Have you a time for an Ironman swim as well as for an Ironman?

    TI has a bad reputation with some because there is a perception that it is different from good front crawl and introduces a glide (which it doesn't).

    TI is possibly the best way of teaching front crawl to adults who either can't swim or whos technique need scrapping and starting again. It can be done self taught for which I would strongly recommend getting the book and following it to the letter - no ifs nor buts - possibly supported by the videos. I've taken many from being non-swimmers, over two x three hour sessions, to completing several lengths of front crawl using good technique with bilateral breathing throughout. I do not work for TI nor do I get any money from them. The rest of the stuff in the book is good but not really that much different to what you'll find in other coaching manuals.

    If you are already a decent swimmer then you need to find a swim coach who understands the requirements of longer distance swimmers.
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