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Talkback: Training zones: what are they and how should you use them?

This article doesn't make sense, in itself. It says to calculate the maximum HR, then starts to refer to the LTHR, which I have googled to find out is the Lactate Threshold Heart Rate, but then the % calcs all refer to the max HR, not this LTHR which "we've" just worked out. Please clarify.


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    I noticed that as well but look at the heading: How do you 'simplify a minefield'? So many articles in the magazine are full of errors and inconsistencies like that. Quite often the pictures contradict the text. Poor editing. But it did fill the space between the money making adds though. Some good stuff in the mag now and again though.

    Have a look at Mat Fitzgerald's 80/20Triathlon training. It does the job properly.

    Also expect to have different LTHRs for bike, run and swims.
  • I found this article interesting and easy to understand. 


    I personally can't be bothered to use "hard numbers" and HR monitors / watches all the time so I've learned to train and race mainly by feel.  Not for everyone but works for some.

  • Thank you annlonie - glad you read it and found it interesting.

    We coach by feel - and even those who like numbers do eventually learn that this is a better way to train, and race.

    See also:https://mastersoftri.com/worlds-oldest-training-tool/

    Our body is designed to know itself when we allow it to and forget numbers

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