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NSPCC 12 week sprint triathlon training programme

Last year I completed my first triathlon at Blenheim. I used the NSPCC beginner 12 week sprint triathlon training programme - a programme on the NSPCC website made by rgActive.

I'd like to use this programme again but the link no longer works. Looks like the website has been updated and the page is no longer available.

Does anyone have a copy of this programme?


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Jan, have you checked your downloads file on your computer. Might find a copy. Otherwise suggest contacting NSPCC or RG Active for one.

    Other triathlon training plans are still on the NSPCC site so the loss of the sprint one may be an error

  • HarryD

    Have checked download files but unfortunately couldn't find it. I've also messaged RG Active but not had a reply. 

    Appreciate you taking the trouble to reply, thanks.

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