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Marathon and 70.3 in same year


I am doing a marathon in June and a 70.3 in September and looking to see if there are any plans available that would be useful or if someone has experience of the training they did for a similar race year?




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    I did London Marathon last year, following by IM 70.3 Mallorca 3 weeks later.

    All I did was follow the usual Don Fink 30 week plan but swapped out my runs for a marathon specific training plan from VMLM website.

    I started the run training 26 weeks out as soon as I found out I'd got in through the ballot. (late october) I think the two complement each other - you could follow the same 30 week plan for the 70.3 (week 22?) and them just keep it going until september - swap out the ironman for the marathon.

    The cycling will come in handy, but swap your swims out for core strength & hip stretching is what I'd advise - Marathons don't start until mile 20!!

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    I did the Barcelona marathon and IM 70.3 Marbella (about 5 weeks apart) last year. Similar to Paul, I found the two events complement each other.

    My training was mainly running pre marathon, with a swim twice a week and a cycle once a week. Then a focus on the cycling post marathon.

    I am not very competitive (around 3:40 marathon) and just do the events for fun, if you are training for a serious time or performance- maybe better to focus on one event?

    Good luck with the training.


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