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Talkback: Which race wheel type is best for me?

Wheel covers can be just as aero (see 220s own test in the archives) but they far less convenient than a disc as fitting and removing takes ages. They are also fragile and only last a season (the carbon ones may be better). Cheap decent disc wheels (rim brake) are available new on eBay they are normal wheels permanently fitted with a laminate cover. Again the 220 team publish a rubbish incomplete feature. Zipp are probably a lucrative advertiser!


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Rudedawg, I think you've got magazines wrong. Articles are the fillers between adverts to suck us into buying. Some are well researched and well written but a lot are slap dash, shoddy and shallow. I think you can trust the reviews of what is reviewed but the reviews don't cover the entire market. A lot are really poorly edited and many contain basic errors. There is a lack of coherence from one article to the next and it gets worse edition after edition. One month its HIIT the next its 80/20. As an example try and make sense out of the many heart rate zone systems the writers use and how they refer to them. Is moderate aerobic or what. Then the recent laughable article on indoor Zwift type bike training which claimed you were doing aerobic training because your heart rate passes through the aerobic zone during recovery. Thats just an example. Sorting the wheat from the chaff is not easy but there is occasionally some good stuff there. John Wood (swimming) and Tim Heming (general) seem sound and trustworthy.
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