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Swim wetsuit - try before buy?

Hi Folks, My first time on here so thanks for reading and any pointers you might offer. I have recently started open water swimming up here on the Isle of Skye. I'm not fussed about cold water so have been going without a wetsuit and no problems with this as my fitness level stopped me being able to go for too long. My fitness has now improved and I'm able to go much further distances. I am now at a stage where the cold is holding me back not my fitness! I last a good 35/40 minutes before needing to get out and I want to go for longer. I have never bought a swim specific wetsuit and so would like to test a few before making the investment. Any recommendations on good people who offer this service would be thankfully received. Being based on Skye I'd ideally like somewhere up North however I'm struggling to find anything so happy to make a trip of it and go further afield. Many Thanks William


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Great place to live with the sea never getting as cold as on the east coast but possibly not so good for wetsuit shopping.

    As you already know getting a good fit is vitally important. Wrong size and it doesn't work. Even if it feels good a different size may be even better and the only way is to swim in them. I learnt this from personal experience.

    If you just want to try them on for size then order various sizes over the internet and return those that don't fit. Use the distance selling regulations to get your money back. Good if you have some cash in the bank.

    If you want to swim in it to check it's the one for you then you could try hiring one then keep it if it works out well. They may even swap out if the size is wrong. You'll have to do a web search for suppliers but there are a few around.

    What me and my fellow swimmers have found regarding sizing is if you fall into two size categories then the smaller size will be better for swimming in. Also the first few times you put it on expect to struggle.
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