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Hardest UK Triathlon?

During the year 2007, my father, Paul Clavey accomplished an amazing feat. 'Paul Clavey, of Castle Garth, embarked upon a 43-hour adventure that saw him swim, cycle and run across miles of the Lake District's forbidding terrain.' 

 Despite being mentioned in a few local articles there was very little publicity for the triathlon, mainly because Paul simply didn't care. He wanted to complete it but wasn't bothered about attention it might bring. Over 10 years down the line I have come to the realisation on how amazing this was, I believe it is important to document this feat and make the information about the triathlon more available if others wish to attempted the Triathlon.

The challenge comprised of a 10.5 mile length swim of Winder-mere, cycling the 112-mile Fred Whitton Challenge and finishing off with a Bob Challenge Round - the 72-mile epic fell runs that takes in 42 of Lakelands’ summits. The run section itself has 27,000ft of accent which is only 2000ft off the height of Everest.

Ive always been super proud of my dad for completing this beast but always feel like its a shame that not many people know about what he accomplished. Anyway, let me know how brutal this sounds, there are a few articles online if your interested.



  • Sounds pretty hardcore. I???ve not gone further than a half iron distance. This year focus on Croyde Ocean triathlon which has me worried enough for this year!
  • ianmo80ianmo80 Posts: 3

    Really outstanding achievement completing that! Did he do the Bob under the Bob rules?  Not that it matters, just curious

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