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Why is my HR so high

I'm training for my first half ironman distance, starting from what I believed was a pretty fit baseline. My max HR is pretty high just above 200 for both bike and run. I fond it so hard to maintain Z2 that often I find that I could br walking I'm going so slow. I've been following a training programme for about 6 weeks now and I dont feel that I'm seeing any difference and my VO2 max is just dropping. Where am I going wrong!?


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    Beckie, could be many reasons. A few questions first if you don't mind answering:

    1. How do you know your absolute max HR for both bike and run? They are both incredibly difficult to determine

    2. What zone system are you using? And how is Z2 defined? Some coaches use 3 zones, some 5 or 7 or even 9. Sometimes zones don't relate to changes in how the body works at different intensities

    3. How are you measuring your HR? Does it use LED or chest strap? My athletes no longer use LED technology as it is prone to so many errors

    4. Who's training plan are you using? They do vary a lot in quality

    5. How do you know your VO2max is dropping? This is not easy to determine precisely

    6. Have you any HR data from say an all out 10km race for example? HR zones based on Lactate Threshold HR tend to be better as they are based on your fitness state at that time and are easy to modify as fitness increases whereas max HR actually decreases with increased aerobic fitness

    Answer as you can then I'm sure myself and others will be able to advise
  • If you're using a chest strap, make sure it's clean.  I was registering a HR of 200+, which I knew was way out, until I put it in the washer and that corrected the issue.


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    Good point. Time I cleaned mine
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    I take it you're following an 80 / 20 plan and trying to stay in zone 2.  I had the same problem, easy to keep to zone 2 on a trainer but almost impossible when running or riding on the road.  I kept using a HRM, keeping records of its readings, but go by perceived exertion instead, the basis of zone 2 appears to be the age old advice that if you can comfortably talk to a companion you're at the right place.

  • Hi Beckie,

    Liz, deputy editor on 220 Triathlon magazine here. Your question would be great for the mag if you'd be interested in featuring on our Reader Rescue page? If so, drop me a line: elizabeth.barrett@immediate.co.uk





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    Strange that Beckie hasn't been back?
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