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Hi all, after getting my Parkrun pb and being super confident and on a high, that say I had an off on the bike and have strained my Achilles 2 weeks ago it???s still giving me problems. Officially I have not done anything that I have my Target race in four weeks. I???m nervous that it will not be runnable. On a positive Note, it has allowed me to focus on my much needed swimming and neglected bike. Neither of which have been affected by this. Can anyone give me advice on how to get it better


  • MartinH2MartinH2 Posts: 19

    Standard heel raisers along with using a Voodoo compression band are the best ways to sort out an Achilles: https://mastersoftri.com/recovery-tool-one-that-works/

    Do the voodoo flossing as often as you can every day and do the heel raise 2-3 times per day

    Don´t run until it is pain free and only then very easy (as it should be anyway, but thats a different topic and one that may have cuasec your problem?)

    Keep doing the rehab for at least 2 weeks after you have no pain to ensure it is ok.

    If you have been swimming and biking and have been training properly prior to the injury, you can do worse than not run until you race - and then see how it goes

    Hope that helps


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Not sure how your achilles is now but may wish to have a look at the following scientific paper 'A treatment algorhymn for managing Achilles tendinopathy' which can be found at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2658946/

    The eccentric calf loading described, which my physio recommends and works for me, is detailed in a paper snapily titled 'Heavy-Load Eccentric Calf Muscle Training for the Treatment of Chronic Achilles Tendinosis' by H??kan Alfredson et al and can be found at 0363-5465/98/2626-0360$02.00/0 THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE, Vol. 26, No. 3

    Expect the tendon to be tender to the touch for months but the tenderness will reduce and can take 6 to 12 months to disappear. Should still be able to run during that time but keep it to reasonable soreness. I would suggest seeing a physio to check that nothing else was injured during your off which may impinge on your Achilles function
  • Hi there, I'm sorry that I have not replied earlier, I thought I had done so.  I really appreciate the ideas you've both had. 

    I'm looking at the Voodoo, I've had some physio and it has been interesting, I hadn't noticed that my legs are ever so slightly bowed, this of course will put more pressure on my ankles which did not become apparent as a cyclist.  My spine is  an odd shape because of an historical injury.  Basically, I'm a mess. 

    Martin, as suggested, I stayed off the running for a month until my 2nd ever race, then no running until yesterday.  I've taken to wearing CEP socks supporting the Achilles both in and out of training.

    I have bought a foam roller to soften my muscles as the cycling seems to have produced tight calves not allowing any give in the Achilles under stress.

    Harry, I haven't had a chance to look at the paper yet but I will. The injury is still tender but only when twisting as I chase my 6 yo and the toddler around the house. Children are not conducive to injury rehab.

    My Cosmeston Lakes race was always supposed to be a learning exercise even before my injury.  I raced the swim and bike.  When the run came i worked hard not to race.  It's not easy thing to do, race but not race. I ran as conservatively, at least 2 1/2 mins per mile slower than my last.  I was still faster on a sporting course than I was on my first, flat course despite the torrential rain. A huge step forward in planning and execution.

    I ran yesterday and today.  I could feel it but only a little.  I barely ran, more of an easy of the easy base effort.

    My A race is on 15th Sept, Saundersfoot.  Not a fast course as far as I can see and my first sea swim.  I won't run until then.  After that I have five months to work on recovery. 


    Thanks again.

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