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Tingly toes on the bike?

After about 40 miles on the bike my toes on my right foot start to go numb and tingle.

Has anyone else ever suffered from this, and if so did you manage to cure it?

I bought new Shimano carbon soled shoes to see if that helped (it didn't), i use Look pedals with quite a wide base on them. I am using 170mm Ultegra cranks on my Cervelo Soloist and my seating position/bikefit seems good because other than the tingling i have no problem doing the mileage.

Once off the bike and up and running it takes about 5 mins for the tingling to subside, but it's really annoying up until that point.

Any advice greatly received.


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    it is mainly due to ur postion on the bike and less about ur type of shoes. try getting ur bike fitted propely and if u cant be bothered with that. try changing ur seats as there are two main viens going down ur back that go thru ur bum .ur posistion on ur bike can cut blood off. and thats my why get tinglely toes
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    I have always put mine down to sciatica, but maybe it is my bike position - have to look into that. thanks folks.
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    apnoeaapnoea Posts: 16
    hi there

    u may be doing ur shoes up to tight. there is an artery that runs down the top of u foot that supplies the toes. if u compromise that blood supply u may get pins and needles.. ie tingly toes.

    if u are compressing the main arteries at the top of the legs from leaning forward continually, u will get cramps in ur calves and thighs and ur whole foot will feel dead rather than just ur toes.

    hope this helps

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