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Cycling shoes for sale Carnac DMT and Specialized

With running a lot it appears my feet have grown!

Have had to move up a half size on all my biking shoes. All my size 9's are now up for sale.

Road. Own a pair of DMT competition size 9. Slight scuff on outside edge. Looking for £25.00

MTB. Own a pair of Specialized Sport size 9. Almost as new. Looking for £25.00

Tri. Own a pair of Carnac TRS7 size 9. Slight scuff caused in transition on heel of one shoe. Looking for £25.00

Have fitting adaptors for Shimano and Look

All in good condition. Can send photos if interested.

Any sensible offers accepted

Live in Cambridgeshire. Tel 07767 637 357 and ask for Stephen

Email [email protected]



  • LukeTimmsLukeTimms Posts: 7
    that'll be the muscles in your feet :) I'll buy these if my feet grow to a size 9 :)
  • Hi Mavster, I'll buy the carnac's off you. If they are still for sale this is!

    how would payment and delivery work?

    Cheers, Lee

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