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Bike broke....Help please!

Hello all,

I apologise for all the post recently, I just need to ask one more question. I reckon my freehub is knackered, pawls not engaging properly. I have overhauled the hub a couple of times and its pretty rusty in there, so me thinks if I have the freehub repaired the hub will probably die at some point!

This is my training bike, I use it everyday for training and trips to the pool, I can't run at the moment due to a stress fracture, I swim as often as possible, but cycling is all I have, i need it to work! But I am student and don't have much money!

So I want what will be the cheapest and best option!

My options I have come up with.

1. I have another set of wheels (easton ea50s), currently on the race bike with a 10spd cassette (training bike is 8 spd), so I thought about swapping the 8spd cassette onto the easton wheels, according to wiggle its compatible.

This will require a chain-whip and cassette lock ring tool (which I don't have), will I need anything else? does this sound feasible?

2. Get a new wheel and 8 speed cassette, this will also require the tools I guess - this options getting expensive.

3. Any ideas?
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