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Profile Base Bar, Stryke Aero Bars, Brake levers

For sale

Profile T-2 Base Bar List £39.95 As new. Will sell for £20.00

Profile Stryke Aero Bars List £99.95 Good condition. Will sell for £50.00

Profile Quickstop 2 Brake Levers £List 34.95 As new will sell for £17.00

Will sell the lot for £75.00

Selling as bought new bike with full carbon set up already in place.

Great aero setup to convert your drop handlebar road bike.

[[email protected]][email protected][/email]



  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    hello Mavster,

    would you mind shipping it to Belgium???

    How muchwould the shipping costs be for the base bar and the brake levers,(i already have the carbon stryke aero-bars).


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