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Importance of Physiotherapy

MGMG Posts: 470
Finding a good one must be key. It's never lived up to expectations.

The last time I had my legs done, I realised why I need to shave them before the next one. Owww!


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    MGMG Posts: 470
    Ladies and gentlemen, the racing season is uopn us, good luck to all of you!!

    Now that most of you have worked your socks off during winter months and are now in the preperation stages of their training plans I would like to re-emphasise the need to keep your bodies in tip top shape.

    You've spent hundreds (some people thousands) on kit and gym memberships to get yourself into the kind of shape some mere-mortals can only dream of, but you mustn't neglect the ONE peice of kit that makes it all happen............YOU!!! If your training your guts out and putting the effort in your body needs an MOT now again, this should come in the shape of a GOOD sports massage by a GOOD physio.

    If you've never had a sports massage then your in for a treat, a good physio can spot tightness in muscle groups before you notice them, and in essence will prevent you from getting injuries. You can do all the stretching/pilates/yoga in the world but a decent rub down by a physio will leave you looser, and will mostly aleviate any worries you have about any injury niggles.

    Anyhoo, enjoy your racing, good luck and much love...........

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