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  • dunedogdunedog Posts: 15
    As posted above sent wetsuit back at start of week. This morning got a replacement, slightly more expensive, Orca Equip. Can't complain at that service! Just got to see if it fits now as sizing is different to aquasphere!
  • robbie414robbie414 Posts: 1
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  • MGMG Posts: 470
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  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    That is quite worrying that a - they don't really seem to think they a have a problem, and b - they don't seem to have any regard for customer opinion!
  • LindsLinds Posts: 124
    So what theya re saying is that we have all been very naughty and should be ashamed of ourselves for even contemplating that SBR are anything but fantastic.

    LOL - pillocks
  • FastWestieFastWestie Posts: 26
    To be honest, their customer service is absolutely rubbish.

    My Orca Sonar 2007 split on the seam the 3rd time I used it. Sent it back to them as requested 6 weeks ago and still don't have anything back from them. Got all sorts of excuses, but basically no service

    I asked for my money back, but they have totally ignored that too. Next step registered letter followed by small claims court [:@]

    I ordered another suit (2008 Sonar) from Total Fitness Bath, worked out at the same price and the 2007 and it arrived the following day

  • garydee77garydee77 Posts: 63
    Their spelling and grammar could do with some work as well!
  • LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    For my sins I use them a fair bit, and chat to the guys at Heron Lake on a Wednesday to keep me safe, always found the online ordering to work well, never had a problem with the customer service... there are three sides to every story

    1) Mine

    2) Yours

    3) The truth.

    TBH - having spent all day sitting at home waiting for a new mobile to be delivered I would be pointing the finger at the courier firms ;-)
  • trijunkerstrijunkers Posts: 55
    ha ha, the guys at heron lake?? I asked them for some advice on a couple of things recently re my wetsuit and my bike set up - blank stares and mumbling ensued...top of the class lads!! Doh!
  • sbrstevesbrsteve Posts: 7
    Perhaps it was one day when I wasnt there[;)][;)][;)]

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions[:)].

  • ga02clrga02clr Posts: 11
    First Post....

    I saw this tread and I just had to say that with SBR I have to very different experiences:

    1. the in shop experience.

    2. The online shopping one.

    The in shop experience (from the Fulham store) is in general ok.

    The online experience was awful!

    I ordered a whole heap of things from them including a Garmin heart rate monitor.

    To cut a long storey short first it took ages for the whole order to arrive, they failed to answer phone calls etc. Order arrives then they include that watch bit but not the heart rate strap....

    More phone calls and e-mails go unanswered, finally I did get through and received promises of delivery on certain dates, (which if not lies were very inaccurate) and about a month and a half later (after I had returned the wrong one) it finally turns up. Just as a side note I was promised the cost of posting back the parcel would be covered by SBR, this never happened.

    Following the claim that post rooms turn away packages.... wiggle don’t have the same problem! I don’t use SBR online any anymore, wiggle is much better!

  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    I have never had a problem with SBR online.
  • clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    Id just like to take this opportunity to praise SBR, when i had a problem with my wetsuit they sorted it out, and as orca were messing them around they gave me an upgrade and they paid the difference.

    And i recently had my bike nicked, they gave me a full invoice including all the extras i had purchased both from them and other stores and even dealt with my insurance company direct for me resulting in me being "paid out" within 7 days! And gave me dscount with an additional £100 credit for the future when i purchased my new bike

    Yeah there may be delays on them getting things in or shipped out but i can not praise the store enough and will use them for all my tri gear

  • Ordered a pair of goggles from their website only 10 days ago. online it said they were in stock to be delivered within 5 days, however i then recieved an email saying that they would be delayed 2-4 weeks and to get in contact if there was any issues or problems with this. So i emailed the customer service twice asking what the delay was but had no response to either email. Bit ridiculous and none the wiser to where the goggles i paid for are. Definately not reccomended


  • JonCJonC Posts: 1
    Hi. Just found this forum - a relief to know I'm not alone!!!. Registered to say that SBR has to be the worst mail order company I have ever dealt with. Absolutley shocking. My most recent email says it all...

    Dear All at SBR Sports[/align] [/align] Hi. I have been trying to get my money back from you for several weeks now. I am happy to return the wrong part you sent me (it's no use to me) but, as I said in a previous email, I would like you to send me a returns bag as I don't see why I should be expected to pay the postage.. I have heard nothing since.[/align] [/align]

    You have treated me pretty poorly considering you sent me the wrong part TWICE. Anyone can make a mistake. I'm quite reasonable and gave you a reasonable chance to rectify your mistake. I simply now want my money back. What's the problem?[/align] [/align] To add insult to injury your customer service is pretty damned poor. It is impossible to contact you by phone, when I got through to your shop in Fulham they said they'd get back to me but didn't, your 'customer services' invariably ignore my emails.[/align] [/align]

    Is this anyway to treat a customer?[/align] [/align] Would you please send me a returns bag so we can get this sorted out amicably. I would also appreciate it if you could give me a phone number and name of someone in authority I can actually talk to about this issue. Would you also please acknowledge receipt of this email so that at the very least I know someone at SBR is actually dealing with this.[/align] [/align] Thank you in anticipation of a prompt reply and speedy resolution of this matter.[/align] [/align] best wishes


  • MGMG Posts: 470
    I believe Conehead has a link with them, maybe he can sort out an answer.

    Basicly as a mail order company they are SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEIIIITE!!! And I'll contest anyone who says to the contrary. They are useless.........

    As a shop theyre OK, been to the Fulham one a couple of times, the staff may grunt at you if you ask a question.........

  • somebodysomebody Posts: 1
    I just want to know how to unsubscribe from their mailing list. I have clicked on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of their emails, I've replied to the emails asking to be unsubscribed (unlikely to be read by anyone, but worth a try) and I've used the Contact Us link on the website. Still getting the emails though. What part of "After your shocking display of customer non-service I don't want to buy anything from you again, so please stop bombarding me with emails" don't they understand? [:@]
  • docsterdocster Posts: 5

    Just thought id register to tell about my sbrsports experience.

    First of all,

    im not a rich man and therefore watch everything i spend and when someones actions cause me to loose money you can understand i get annoyed.

    3 items ordered friday 5/6/ 7:15am . (all being advertised as "in stock" )

    an email turns up at 1:48pm same day:

    Thank you for your internet order. Unfortunately the Ice toolz product will be available end of June. I will proceed with the order. If you have any problems with your order please get back to me. I am very sorry for your inconvenience.

    [color="#000000"]So i send an email back noting them to cancel the order as i have also left out some other[/color][color="#000000"]items that i wish to add to a new order. I recieve an email from them, its a newsletter.


    sent the same email again (same day), this time through the contact us page on their website.no response. All this time my order`s status was "awaiting Shipping".

    After a weekend of facing facts that im going to get ripped off i decided to go for it.so another email (Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 8:57 PM);

    Order ********

    !!!! CANCEL THE ORDER !!!!

    How many times ffs.Im not going to wait until the end of june for tools.

    they were in stock when i order but now they are not. if this is how you do business

    then you can **** off.

    carry on holding my money and i`ll drive up to your store to get it.

    i placed this order on friday, do non of you work over the weekends?

    A reponse....from sharron (Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 10:11 AM)

    Your order has been cancelled and a refund will be made to your account.

    So........ hurray !!! theres me thinking.

    so i ordered same stuff and more from CRC.

    Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 4:17 PM [[email protected]][email protected][/email]

    Good afternoon, Following this morning when you asked for your order to be cancelled unfortunately one of your products has been sent out already. I will cancel the two remaining products and have these refunded to your account. If you still wish to have a refund on the item sent please send it back to us.I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. Kind Regards,

    Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 10:28 PMMy response today after waking up, as i work nights.

    my response.

    4 days ago i asked you to cancel the order. and now you send 1 item out. if you checked your inbox you would also find i told you to **** off. my attitude has not changed, your company are jew thieves. with no thought to customers what so ever. you advertise items are in stock when infact they are not. (false advertising) you take money that no longer belongs to you. which is theft.

    any items turn up at my house they will be coming back to your winsor store,

    followed by a beating of your life you ****ing thieves.



    So when you see the local news and hear of an ex-metal patient that has gone berserk in a sports shop in winsor.

    think of me and my rights wont you. =)

  • JellybabyJellybaby Posts: 180
    I feel I ought to defend sbr a bit. I've only had experience of the store in Windsor where I went to buy some bits over the weekend. Was served by a lovely, knowledgeable girl called Steph and they gave me the 10% discount that you get on the internet. Can't fault them at all. I've not tried them online though...
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    docster wrote:

    [/color]your company are jew thieves. [color=#0000ff]


    with respect, whatever sbr might have done that caused you such grief they do not deserve this sort of comment. i'm sorry but i consider this sort of language deeply unpleasant and unnecessary and it does your complaint no benefit at all.
  • docsterdocster Posts: 5
    They probably are good as a store but the true fact of the matter of my experience is dont use them for mail order.

    Anybody that takes your money and doesnt come up with the goods in the time advertised and allows 4 days to go by with no comunication along with false advertising deserves to be called every name under the sun.

    Infact i do believe it is BORDERLINE fraud under The Fraud Act 2006

    *obtaining funds by disception (with allowances)

    Mail Order Service: 0/10

    In Store Service: unrated

  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Name calling is one thing, inherent racism is another.

    This is not the place for that type of abuse.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    well said Britspin, Ris, just what i was thinking
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
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  • docsterdocster Posts: 5
    Im sorry i wasnt awhere of any racist comments in my post. if calling someone a jew is racist then you better ban the history books.

    as for abuse. i gave you the whole story... the truth, nothing edited. these people cost me money, time, and stress. i nearly phone my bank at one point to report it due to the amount of days it took them to respond.

    (thinking i had been the victim of fraud)

    If all that doesnt call for abuse then tell me what does?

    If any of you are offended, i do apologise that was not my intention.

    I only registered to give you my experience of this company.


  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    If you can't see anything racist in using a term such as Jew as an insult then you really need to think about what racism is. You used Jew as an insult implying that as they had 'stolen' from you you had to be Jewish. Thereby implying that all Jewish people are theives. Therefore, a derogatory and discriminatory comment based on race, which is racism. If you were calling someone a Jew who was jewish and it was not used as an insult then it wouldn't be racist, but you weren't and so your comment was. unless of course you were implying that they had stolen some jewish people?
  • docsterdocster Posts: 5
    Thank you for clearing that up md.

    I had no idea that my comment was looking like a racist rant.

    Also i just looked at my bank statement online and found the transaction under the name of "Bonthrone Bikes".

    This is starting to smell fishy. They could well be the same company, however i did not give Bonthrone Bikes permission to take my money as i thought i was dealing with a sbr sports.

    Trading underneath 2 seperate domain&company names running out of the same address.

    someone needs to ask some serious questions here.

    Now i know that, im not even going into their stores.

  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Conehead wrote:

    I think most people's experience is - in shop is good, online bad.

    The shop is fairly crap actually, I've used it a couple of times (its close to where I work). Makes me laugh when I see people wearing SBR sponsered gear as they probably have no idea what a shit firm they are........

  • docsterdocster Posts: 5
    mate. i just recieved 1 item out of the 3 along with a so called invoice for all 3... wtf?

    not even any prices on the so called invoice. still havent recieved a refund for the 2 missing items

    give it till tomorrow then im launching into action.

  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i think bonthrone bikes and sbr are one and the same company. there is probably some incredibly minute fine print that says this somewhere on their website or in the invoice/ordering process.

    it's not ideal or even desirable, but it may not be illegal unless they are trying to deliberately mislead - this is a guess, i am no legal expert!

    as no legal expert i also wonder that if you were to take action you would need to demonstrate that you have given the shop a reasonable opportunity to rectify the situation and they are acting with an intention not to sort the matter out.

    it is unlikely that 5 working days would demonstrate this, particularly as they have offered in writing to take the cancelled but shipped items back and provide a refund. send the item back and see how the refund goes, if they stall on the refund then you have more of a case.

    you might not like what has happened but sometimes things have a timescale that needs to be followed. send the stuff back and get the refund they promised. if they don't then you've got something on them. right now you probably don't.
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