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First Half Ironman is 3 months away

And I need a training plan. Can anyone help please?



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    I am planning to do one as well ( my first! intend to complete with no time obj) in April next year,,

    I am going to follow that program...http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/cms/article-detail.asp?articleid=52&printer=1

    Can you share what you've found? thanks

    Happy training.


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    Hi there,

    I know someone who used beginnertriathlete.com for his first half IM and he managed to complete it okay. It is quite a general program but seems to work if you just want to cross the line in one piece.

    If I was doing one myself, on the other hand, I would prefer something a bit more specific to my training needs and would probably pay a coach to help me out, but I suppose that's up to you.

    Hope this helps?

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    Try finding the book "Training Plans for multi-sport athletes" by Gale Bernhardt. There's a 13 week to half-ironman plan in there.. Also 27 week plan which I guess you could just skip to 13 weeks before. Not a bad book for £15.
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    CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    Hi Richard, you have not mentioned if you currently train or belong to a club & if you work. Any plan that is good for someone else may not be right for you mainly because everyone is different. How much time per week can you train, what is your limiter, (S/B/R), if your Half IM is in 3 months how can you train in O/W now it is too cold in the UK. I have competed various races from sprint to ironman & raced for GB, so build the distances gradually over the weeks, dont go mad, if you miss a training session dont do twice as much the next day to make up for it, & take recovery day/s they are important. Good Luck, & enjoy it, you may surprise yourself.[8D]
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    Dont know if this is going to work for you, but I bought 'going long' which is a good book with a training schedule for IM. Last year I did HIM based on halving the training plan in the book & it worked a treat (6hrs 44 mins in Wimbleball) This year I followed the book (not absolutely as I have a family & job to worry about), did about 25% less than the book recommended for 'novice nick' and got a reasonable time in a full IM in Austria (13:30).

    I'm a short fat (soon to be 40 years old) bloke who does tri to offset food and beer intake and to have some time to myself - so its all doable.
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