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Quintana Roo Lucero, any good for TT's

Todays poll question to help me out with advice on this bike:-

Quintana Roo Lucero, any good for Time Trials?


  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    QR's Lucero is for tri and TT.

    And yes, it's blistering fast (if you pedal fast enough[;)]).
  • Oh how I love my luchero! You are in my thoughts and dreams all the time. I know people talk behind our backs that it is not healthy a man loving a bike but who cares! When you carress my bottom through all those hours of pleasure I know that something this fast and good just must be wrong!![:D]
  • She was very upset when I spelt her name wrongly

    Lucero not Luchero! Please forgive me[:D]
  • Tis true Tis Blistering fast,[:D]

    However it still needs the legs to turn the cranks,[:@] Took 5Mins of my PB from '06. It just throws you into the TT position and does not want to do anything else. extremely comfortable.

    I sound like a sales man, but i swore i did not need one of these road eating machines but my views have slightly changed since i purchased.
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