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Anyone else use petrol to clean their block & chain?

GGGG Posts: 82
Just curious.....


  • BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292
    Is that what you guys are calling it these days?
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    EErrr. Not for about 25 years. Meths also. Slightly less dangerous
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Made me wince.

    Then recalled hair removal thread mentioned burning..winced again.
  • pippip Posts: 170
    Use gunk i also use this to clean my motorbike back wheel and areas surrounding chain,not as dangerous as petrol and you can buy in a spray can
  • Cheryl6162Cheryl6162 Posts: 356
    I heard it was diesel that was the best stuff to soak your chain in. What you do with your block is another matter!

  • Cheryl6162Cheryl6162 Posts: 356
    Then recalled hair removal thread mentioned burning..winced again

    Epilated my legs today as running in the Bournemouth Bay 10k tomoz and figured I could reduce the drag! If you want to know about wincing with a capital W-try it....
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Lets clear up this petrol thing.

    Petrol is great to clean stuff by its nature will suck all lube out all the chain. Gunk has been mentioned and its good. You really and I mean reaaly need to make sure you take care when using either gunk or petrol. If you thinkl what it does to grease and lube imagine what it does to your skin. I you think its a load of rubbish then just put some petrol on a plastic chair and leave over night. the seat will have lost its colour and maybe melted through.

    So use gunk its much better. Use gloves and lube really well after.

    lesson over!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    So use gunk its much better. Use gloves and lube really well after

    Surely a rule to live by.
  • danny_sdanny_s Posts: 235
    I love gunk. There's nothing it won't clean...
  • GGGG Posts: 82
    Excellent stuff,

    I avoided petrol yesterday and used a gunk style tin i didnt realise we had at the back of the garage. Its worked, things look silver again.

    I soaked my testicals in the spare petrol instead [:@]


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