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Long Road to Tenby (Ironman Wales)

I completed Ironman Wales on the day of my 50th birthday last year.  I kept a diary talking about all aspects of dedicating a year to triathlon - I’ve been told it’s informative and ‘amusing’.  Subsequently a fellow tri club member was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and so over Christmas the diary was edited up and is beings sold in Kindle format to raise money for the SAM (Stand Against MND) charity.

I really hope you might spare £1.99 to buy this book (251 pages - proper book!!)  and support a charity helping a fellow triathlete right at this moment.  It’s less than the price of a coffee (or a protein bar!).

Over to you guys!  It’s like sponsoring someone, but after the event.  So appreciated.

“The Long Road to Tenby: Further Misadventures in Ironland“ is available on Amazon or via the Kindle Ap (Apple and Android).  Search for that or for ”Chris Melton”


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