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Wetsuit samples please - allergies



I hope some kind people can help me. I got in triathlon 2 years ago and initially did some pool based sprint events. 

last year I did my first olympic distance event. When I started my outdoor training I came out with a rash after wearing a wetsuit. 
this kept occurring and was pretty nasty each time. 

long story short it appears i may have some sort of allergy to something in the wetsuit. I have been referred to dermatology and have parch testing coming up in 2 weeks. 

I know they are all largely the same but I am hoping that there is some wetsuit I’m not allergic to.

I have managed to secure some samples from the really nice people at Zone3 and 2xu. I have struggled to get some from other companies. 

does anybody have any samples/ bits of old wetsuits they would be happy to let me have? I am happy to cover postage to people. I live in Sheffield btw. 




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