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Fewer Local Cycle Shops

A few months ago I bought a new bike for my local cycle shop and one of the considerations was in regard to getting electric gear shifters or not.  In the end I decided not to simply because I no not think that I can maintain or repair these items myself and I do not trust that the local shop/mechanic will be around for the lifetime of the bike.

Am I the only person concerned that the internet is going to make replacement parts cheaper but we wont have the backup required to actually get the bits working on our bikes?


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Ralph, like you I bought my newest road bike from a local bike shop. Same with all my other bikes too

    I got a very good deal on a just released Cannondale which was better than anything online.

    My bike gets quite a bit of harsh treatment as I use it all year, in all weathers in the Yorkshire Dales and unlike some it doesn't get washed after every ride. My bike shop keeps it on the road with repairs that I'm afraid of doing, don't have the tools for or the cost of the tools is greater than the labour cost saving. For example, alloy disc brake pad locking pins froze solid and needed drilling out (whereas my mountain bikes have stainless steel ones which are fine).

    Not sure I'd trust electronic shifting over a British winter though

    As others have said I'm fairly certain that good bike shops will thrive
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