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Looking for LIV AVOW

Hi I am trying to get hold of a LIV Avow Advanced Pro TT bike with di2 really struggling to get hold of one as the dealers don’t seem to be able to get them in stock. I would like a second hand one if possible not bothered what age as long as a good condition I just wondered if anyone had any recommended sites or forums I could look at? I need a size XS frame I have even thought about importing but have no idea how to do this? Any advice or help would be appreciated! Thanks


  • LobsterLobster Posts: 1
    I researched this earlier this year and have ordered from an online store in Germany.

    Other option is to retrofit Di2.

    I have details for both, let me know your contact details.
  • D5NAHD5NAH Posts: 2
    Many thanks I have decided to fit di2 to my current LIV avow to upgrade it, just looking at hydration seat up now. Seems a crazy and expensive way of doing it if we could just buy the bike we wanted!!?????????????????
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