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Dorchester Twitch

Trying to find out if anyone has entered the Dorchester sprint Tri in May.

Would be good to all meet up those that are.

C U THERE [;)]


  • mate have you entered if so where.

    I was unaware this was open yet

  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    god are people entering events already? i better get my event list sorted then!
  • I first wrote this thread in march previous to this years race but no one wanted to talk to Billy.

    But i will be there again this year always good start to the season.

    Dont think entries are open yet..
  • triadtriad Posts: 62
    First Timer, with 5 stars under your Tri belt, don't you think that you should change your name? :) And no way can u use Billy No Mates as a name now given the healthy responses to your post. :)
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