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Giant Contend AR 1 or TCR Advanced 2

Hi, I've been riding a used 2010 Scott Speedster 30 for 10 years now and thinking I should upgrade before starting to tackle a couple 70.3s and eventually a full Ironman. I've done a handful of Olympic distance races, so the Scott has served me well. Also, I'm more of a runner so bikes are foreign to me as you can see from what I've been using for 10 years. Anyways, with all the bike shortages going around I can either get a 2022 Giant Contend AR 1 in Feb 2022 or wait until end-June 2022 to get a Giant TCR Advanced 2. I was hoping to do a 70.3 in Aug so I wasn't sure that'd be enough time with the new bike or not if I waited to get the TCR Advanced. The Giant dealer said both can be fitted with clip-on aerobars. So my question is if I should wait and get the full carbon TCR or go with the Contend since I'll be able to train longer on it?

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