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Training advice required for a complete novice! (Half Ironman - 70.3)


I'm an absolute novice at both triathlons, and two of the sports within!

I've done a small amount of running earlier in the year, but fancy really pushing myself.

The target is to complete a half ironman (70.3).

I'm looking to follow the below training plan but would like clarification on some of the terms/abbreviations; I could assume what they mean but wouldn't want to do a 20 week plan following it incorrectly!

70.3 Training Plan: 20 Weeks to Your First Half-Ironman – Triathlete

Would you please offer some help on the below, and advise if my understanding is correct.

WU= Warm Up

MS= Main Section

CD= Cool Down

RI= Rest In-between

And am I to assume the low/moderate/high intensities and threshold/VO2max, are as they would be on any other plan?

'5K race pace = An effort performed at approximately the fastest pace you could sustain in a 5K running race.

10K race pace = An effort performed at approximately the fastest pace you could sustain in a 10K running race.

Comfortably hard = An effort that is right on the threshold of making you really suffer.

Easy = A very comfortable effort, deliberately slower than your natural pace in swimming, cycling or running.

Hard = An effort that is very challenging but not maximal for the prescribed duration (such that a two-minute hard effort is performed at a slightly faster pace than a three-minute hard effort).

Jog = Very slow running.

Moderate = An effort that feels comfortable but not dawdling.

Race pace = An effort performed at your anticipated half-iron-distance race pace.

Sprint = A 100 percent maximal effort.

Time trial = A maximal effort relative to the prescribed distance.'

Many thanks in advance,



  • Hi! I am also new, but it seems that you're right! Anyway, I'm going to find a trainer for myself, and I will ask him about that. Good luck!

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